Artificial Threat Does Not Exist

There is widely accepted but untrue view that artificial intelligence is dangerous to its parents-humanity. The wrong view makes it rather harder to carry out research on AI. So far, AI is controllable. And it is also foreseeable that AI will never be out of control in the future. On the other hand, there has never been a real artificial intelligence. All so-called AI systems are incomplete.

Except nuclear bomb, humanity can dominate everything they produce, including AI. If there is a Skynet one day, John Connor still has chance to cut the power line or shut it down. All AI systems as well as the researches are controlled and monitored. Things like the Terminator will not happen for a long period. So it is unnecessary to worry about the safety of humanity right now.

Besides, AI is not a universal machine as most people except. The AI systems are designed to do a single job. Even the most powerful and successful AI, AlphaGo, can only play chess but not kill. There is still a long way to make an AI completed. In fact, real AI only exists in novels now.

Although the fact and future of AI are clear and non-harmful, the public still fear to see AI. What they really fear is the unlimited robots which act like terminators or comes from Asimov’s novels. Deeply they fear who use something powerful they do not know. Although scientists have tried their best to make AI controlled by law and explained thousands times that AI is not dangerous, the public choose not to believe it. The problem is not “AI is dangerous” but “They think it is dangerous” or “Who creates AI is dangerous”.

“AI is dangerous to humanity”, the whole sentence is a lie. It is an artificial threat which covers up people’s fear of power. Humanity command the AI to follow their orders and the AI can only follow the orders. What people fear is fear itself.



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